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I've already written this up elsewhere, so I'm just copying it over to here so I can keep track of my plans.

Remembrance Day is in November, and unlike the usual suspects, I haven't gone to this before, so I have no wardrobe to pull from. That means I need to make almost everything!

So I'm writing up this post to a) keep track of what I'm doing, and b) make sure I don't weasel out of doing anything. As of right now I've got underwear for Gettysburg, and that's it. I have corset, chemise, pantaloons, hoops, shoes, and one spoon bonnet. I'm gonna put the list of what I need behind a cut. All the sewing!

Paletot: I'm going to keep this simple. I got this gorgeous ribbon from Leia and am leaning toward using it with this fabric, rather than something darker. The fabric does have a stronger yellow/maize undertone than shows in the photo. [personal profile] robinsnest lent me her paletot pattern, so I need to trace it off and get it back to her.

Day Gown One: Like so many of us I took advantage of the silk sale at Fabric Mart, and scooped this up. I plan to keep this dress simple, with the fabric doing the talking, but I do want to make it an asymmetrical front. I also found a photograph of a woman with a small checked dress with a scalloped hem, so I might do that as well.
17917376_859732197515947_6570157718087642768_o 17951907_859732537515913_216875374496929331_n 17991833_859732624182571_4631599650622906370_n

Day Dress Two: Despite the bad photo this is teal and charcoal gray wool. I have two differing ideas for it, and it'll come down to if I feel up to/have time for sewing miles of soutache. If I don't have the time, or do in fact make an elliptical hoop, then I'll go with something more like the second, with the colors reversed because I have more teal than charcoal.
17973926_859732760849224_1476920376903640540_o 18010807_859733340849166_8966459639802985632_n 18033959_859733434182490_3545689759077409934_n

Ball Gown One: plaid possé forever! I already promised Robin I'd match the plaid on my skirt, unlike my inspo pic.
17880601_859733994182434_7887243454117900238_o 17991675_859734090849091_6352647831782168555_o

Fancy Dress: I was recently given a bunch of silk, and it included an almost perfectly coordinated stripe and solid. So I'm going to do an icicle themed dress. I'll pick up some organza to trim it with, I think, because that'll be easier than lace. I'm thinking poofs, to look like snow, along the neckline and hem. (Winter fancy dress in the middle, semi inspiration)
17992170_859862174169616_1833021411819173098_n 17952429_859738127515354_3639564589726523924_n

I've got a round hoop at the moment, which is what I plan to use for the fancy dress, but as mentioned further up I'd like to make an elliptical hoop for everything else. I ordered a $16 bridal hoop on ebay, and the hooping will work to remake it into an elliptical. I ordered a second one though, so I can put 12 hoops into it instead of just six, to make it sturdier. Still cheaper than buying the boning on it's own!

I also plan to make a wrapper of some sort, but I don't know what fabric I'm going to use for it at the moment. I've got some time for that though!
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