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Partially anyway. I started this dress back in late May for a picnic that got rained out, so it went on the UFO pile. A small group of us are hitting up a tea house this weekend, and I don't feel like wearing my red cotton gown. So I decided, rather than just fix/recut the left sleeve on my windowpane green silk gown, which was my first idea, that I'd pull this out and finish it.


The bodice was already mostly assembled, I just needed to sew the side seams and sew up and set the sleeves. Right now it's currently in the War & Peace asymmetrical style, as you can see. The sleeves are three parts- the short puffed sleeve, a fitted short lining, and a long fitted sleeve that's just basted in.

I pinned the front with about a 4" overlap, but I'm thinking I'm either going to have it just meet in the front, or only a very small 1" overlap, and fill it in with either a chemisette or fichu. Looking at the picture I feel like the high overlap looks too closed off. I want it more like this gown, I think. I also plan to do a dogleg closure like that gown as well, and have a round skirt. I don't have enough fabric to put three panels in the skirt like usual, so what I plan to do instead is gore the front so I can get a fuller hem, and use a full panel for the back.

Today's plan is to set the second set of sleeves, sew the waistband to the bodice, and cut and sew the skirt pieces. Tomorrow will be attaching the skirt and putting in closures. But right now it's time for an early lunch!
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Back in September I started planning a Regency gown I could dance in, since all my other gowns are made of silk and/or have a train. Not dancing friendly. I'd picked up some light purple cotton gauze from Jomar ages back, and decided that was perfect for a nice light ballgown. Then the reason I was going to make it last fall didn't happen, so the idea got set aside.

Anyway, with the Jane Austen ball next weekend in Alexandria, I pulled everything out and started working on it again. The basic cut of the dress is inspired by this dress in the Met's collection. I really liked the neckline and shape of the bodice.

So now it's all finished, apart from the hem! It ties in the back with two drawstrings, one at the neck and one at the waist. There's another drawstring in the front neckline, in case that needs to be pulled a little tighter as well. It's not lined at all, so all the seams are felled by hand. I plan to make a pair of long sleeves to tack in, and then with a chemisette I can wear this for Beth's tea the weekend after the ball~

IMG_2610 IMG_4708

I have a ribbon to wear with this as well, and I'm leaning towards wearing some of Taylor's flowers with it as well, but I can't decide which.A couple more pictures~ )
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With my dress 99% done, and only a buttonhole left to be made, I started on my pelisse today. I'm basing it on the striped redingote in the KCI collection. The bodice is all assembled now, and I need to dig out some scrap silk to line the sleeves so I can put those in tonight, then probably tomorrow I'll put the skirts on.


And because that's not all I did, have a couple bonnet pictures under the cut )
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So I didn't quite get my dress finished before the end of January. The skirt is only pinned on so I could double check the hem length. But besides this dress, I also made pantaloons, a bodices petticoat, a chemisette, and fixed my regency stays. So, I feel like I've accomplished a lot in the last few days.

Tomorrow I'll sew the skirt in, finish the waistband with the last buttonhole, and then on Monday I'll start work on the striped pelisse to go over this. I've got the pattern for it ready and waiting.


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