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My grey and purple plaid gown is finally almost completely finished, over three years after I started it. >_> I just need to finish attaching the velvet collar and add the little band of eyelet to the opening and it'll finally be done. All my old pictures disappeared because they're on my old domain, so I should really get them back up somewhere.

But this means I'll be good to go for Poe! Just need to dig my bonnet and coat out tonight.
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I was just feeling a bit under the weather for a few days, and despite only taking two classes this semester, they're already running me ragged.

Anyway, the first and most important thing: Poe pictures! Anyone who wants to is welcome to snag stuff. I can also supply high-res full size (3008x2000 pixels) for anyone that wants them.

I was also very productive yesterday and basically finished my capote. I sewed the straw brim over a month ago, and I finally dug out the silk for the crown. The lace is only pinned on, but I'm still deciding if that's how I want to do it. The first two are obviously pre-assembly, and the second two are how it currently looks.

The green is a bit brighter than the striped silk I'm using for the polonaise, but I'm choosing to ignore that fact. I also had originally planned to use silver trim for the outfit, but I pulled out a burnished gold and green trim that looks amazing with the stripe, so it's not quite a Slytherin polonaise now. Strange as it sounds, the gold is a little more subtle than the silver, and I like the little bit of warmth it pulls in.

I tore the panels for the skirt and overskirt the other day, and as soon as I unearth my pinking shears I'll start cutting the ruffles and working on them as well. With the stripe on the cross-grain planning it out takes a bit more fabric, so I ended up picking up the rest of the what the store had, bringing me up to 14.5 yards total, half of which is going to the ruffles. Because the ruffle on the skirt is so deep, I can only cut three out of the width, so the underskirt will need 3 yards just for the ruffles. I can cut five ruffles for the overskirt out of the width, so that'll take less fabric, luckily. And the neckline only needs a 1" ruffle, so that will just get pieced out of what's left over after I cut the bodice. I'll probably start the actual sewing next week.

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I had the bottom band basted on as well, but the skirt ended up too short, so I took it off. I might do some more sewing tonight, otherwise I should finish tomorrow. I need to tack down the bias along the neckline; it's flipped up on the back view photo. The coat should only take a day or so to do, then I can whip up my mom's outfit.

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I didn't work on my dress at all today, but apart from one last line of ribbon, my bonnet is done. Yay!

I'm about 75% decided on the wide ribbon that's just pinned to the brim. I think I want to keep it. And the ribbon over the lace is only pinned on the inside, but I'll get to it at some point.

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The bodice is fully cut out and waiting to be sewn. The velvet bands are also on the skirt, so apart from a pocket and the binding for the opening, the skirt is finished. Yay! My mom and I are going to New York tomorrow, so I probably won't be doing any further work until Tuesday. Depends on how long it'll take me to thaw out after we get home tomorrow.

And on a completely seperate note, and the realization that I haven't talked about them at all yet-- I've got a pretty large ABJD collection. I enjoy writing, though I don't consider myself particularly amazing at it, and a number of my characters have come to life, so to speak, as dolls. The third anniversary of my first doll is coming up soon, so starting on that day, February 3rd, I'm going to (attempt to) post a doll a day, with a couple of pictures and possibly a short bio. Not all of them have been painted, but it'll be something fun for me to do, and a way to get back into photographing them more regularly. So keep an eye out on the 3rd!

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I tried everything on earlier and it's all looking fabulous, but I didn't feel like taking pictures. I've got the bodice lining cut out, and I'll do the plaid next. And when it's light out tomorrow I'll go outside and tear the strips for the velvet bands on the skirt. I'd rather keep all that fuzz outside.

I've also started covering the bonnet as well. I'm using a brown cotton velveteen for the outer fabric. I've got the crown cut, gathered and pinned on. I'll baste it down and then put on the brim. I'm leaning towards using blue ribbons for trim to match the blue stripes on the silk. We'll see what I like when I go up to M&J.

On a completely different note, I'm toying with the idea of switching out the Watteau bustle gown for my teal Venetian for Costume Con. I'll decide that once I finish everything for Poe.


Jan. 17th, 2009 04:40 pm
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I meant to do more than I did yesterday, I swear. I tore the plaid pieces for the skirt and sewed it up last night. I intended to cartridge pleat the back two panels, but I couldn't get the gauge right, so instead I did flat pleats. Oh well. I have to decide how wide I want to do the velvet bands now. I'm thinking 7 or 8 inches wide, and 3 or 4 inches apart. I might cut the bottom one wider, because it will also form the hem. Expect skirt pictures later tonight. I've also added a sleeve and half the collar to my bodice mockup, so I'll try that on later as well. If everything works out well, I might even cut out the bodice and lining at some point tonight as well. While I don't think I'll have the dress finished by the end of tomorrow, I might shoot for the end of Monday. I'm feeling good about it, and I wanna keep pushing with it.

And so this post isn't all text, yesterday I played with my hair!

My bun is a bit too low, and it's sticking out further than it would normally because it's not pinned, I just put a hairtie around it to keep it up. And in the second picture you can see my bonnet, which is lined, but I haven't put the outer fabric or any of the trim yet. My mom and I are going up to Manhattan at some point this coming week, and M & J is on the lsit of places to go. We need ribbons and such for both of our bonnets, as well as something for her mantle.

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I put everything on to measure for my skirts, and I also tried on a mockup of my bodice. Everything's looking good, so I'm going to start working on the skirts tonight. I have eyelet that I plan to make the top petticoat with, and then the actual dress skirt.


The velvet collar will go mostly above the neckline, only overlapping the bodice at the center front and back. Once I make the bodice I'll drape it on.

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I had my mom try on one of my older corsets, that doesn't have as much of a waist reduction as the rest, and she liked it, so she gets to use it for her Poe dress. We've also decided to go with more of a late 1830s look for her. I'm going to use one of Simplicity's Fashion Historian patterns with some slight changes.

I'm going to use the darted underbodice for the outside, rather than the shirred front. I'm also going to shir the top and bottom few inches of the sleeve to further the 1830s look.

I'm also going to use another Fashion Historian pattern for the base of her mantle. Since it'll be made out of wool, I'm not going to put the flounces on, but we haven't decided on an alternate trim or lining yet.

As for myself, I think I want to use Period Impressions' 1860s paletote pattern for my own coat, with a few modifications as well. The sleeves are huge, I plan to cut them shorter. Depending on how I can squeeze it on to my fabric, I might also cut the bottom even, rather than longer in the back.

Also, I sewed up the braid for the capote brim. Once I finish removing the paper backing I used as a guide, I'll wire the edge and then take pictures. I don't know what I'll use for the crown yet, but that can wait a bit.


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:31 pm
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(Please excuse the messy sewing room)

And here it is with a couple of petticoats on the left, and with the dress fabric draped over it on the left. The bonnet frame is for my mom. I've wired and put the flannel on it, but I still need to bind the edges and cover it, obviously.

And on a different note, I've decided to jump in on the polonaise bandwagon. I fell in love with this polonaise in the Kyoto Costume Institute the very first time I saw it. To keep up with the theme I'm doing with my green 1869 villainess gown, I'm going to use a green and black stiped dupioni I have, and trim it with silver. Along with self trim I want to use some silver, so it'll be my Slytherin polonaise.

I think I'm going to take a break from the Poe dress tonight and start working on the black straw capote to go with my polonaise. I won't start working on the polonaise itself until I finish everything for the Poe event.

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In other words, apart from the hem, my corded petticoat is done.
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Okay, this is an attempt to plan out what I want to do over the next three and a half months for Costume Con. Now, taking into account classes and a part-time job with my usual speed, I'm going to try for two outfits a month. Once I make a new pair of drawers and finish my fully boned stays, I won't need to factor in undies time. Anyway, here's a tentative schedule.

1840s dresses x2 for Poe
18th century fully boned stays
1780s Chemise à la Reine if I can, otherwise it'll get bumped back where it fits.

1872 Watteau Bustle Gown
1869 Villainess Gown, on the left

1660s Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont, Princess of Monaco for [livejournal.com profile] charlesii.
Secret Project for the Masq

1791 Purple Sari Pierrot Jacket and Skirt
1920s Print Silk Dress, adaptation
1957 dress

Of course, if I finish stuff faster than I plan (which I probably will), things will get bumped up. Unfortunately, my budget won't allow for the duchesse satin for the 1660s gown until March, but if I can, the April dresses will get bumped up sooner because I already have the fabric for all of them, leaving more time for the March dresses.

ETA: wow that's a lot of tags. XD

ETA2: I've put up an ij mirror account, but I'm not worried about needing it. It's there just in case. Feel free to friend it.

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My mom is a big Poe fan, and passed that on to me when I was fairly young. Back in October when I told her about the Bicentennial events at the end of this month, she said she wanted to go as well. My response was that she had to dress up as well, and she waffled about it until Saturday, when [livejournal.com profile] bauhausfrau put out a call for numbers.

I told her I'd help her with an outfit, which really translates into I'll make the whole outfit. We decided on the early 1840s bodice(Diagram XLIV) in The Cut of Women's Clothes with a plain skirt. I'd just bought a charcoal grey wool blend with fushia and cream plaid stripes which we'll use for her. She doesn't want to wear a corset, so instead I talked her into lightly boned stays instead. I'm using Past Patterns' Wedding Stays for her. I did up a muslin yesterday and today I cut out the fabric. She picked an olive twill for the face and an olive/cream check for the lining and binding. Tomorrow I'll sew up as much as I can. The pattern only calls for a wooden busk and cording around the bust gussets and at the center back, but I plan to add a few channels of spiral boning for support. I'm out of grommets, so finishing the stays will have to wait until after we go up to Grannd Companies Friday, because I refuse to pay $10 in shipping when it's only a 45 minute drive away. Especially since a gross of 00 grommets only costs $8.40.

More to come as I work.
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Back in October when I told my mom about the Poe events this month she started whining about how much she wants to go as well. I told her if she wanted to go with me, though, she'd have to dress up too. Today she finally decided to go full out.

We've decided to keep if fairly simple, since I'll probably end up making her outfit as well as mine, but we've got four weeks so it should be fine. I'm going to use one the bodice patterns from Cut of Women's Clothes with a plain skirt. We're going to use a wool blend I just got off of ebay, a charcoal ground with fushia and cream plaid stripes. For an outer layer we've got a pinkish tan wool for a mantelet. I've got a buckram bonnet frame I started I while back that I can whip up for her once I wire it. Add in a few petticoats, and possibly a corded one, depending on how much longer it takes to make mine, chemise and drawers and she'll be good to go.

I'll post more details at some point tonight or tomorrow.

Well poo

Dec. 29th, 2008 12:02 pm
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I've been looking over my schedule (and budget) and I'm afraid the Winter Stroll this Saturday in DC won't be possible. I'm a bit burnt out after whipping out full colonial regalia in a week, so I don't want to try and make my striped walking suit and coat in even less time than that. I'll still make it, just not in four days. Instead it's time to go back to my 1844 outfit for the Poe event, which is still only about three weeks away at the earliest.


Nov. 19th, 2008 09:48 pm
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So, didn't get around to picking up white cotton for my petticoat, but to make up for that, I drafted the pattern for the dress bodice and sleeves. I should have some junk gingham/plaid fabric to do a mock-up with, which I'll try to get to at some point tonight. I'm still going to try and get this whole thing done for next weekend, but who knows if I'll be successful.
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Went to Philadelphia today, and picked up the velvet and buttons for my 1844 gown, among other things. So now I have everything I need for the gown itself. I was going to start the petticoats yesterday but I couldn't find my white muslin anywhere. I'll have to pick some up from Joann's tomorrow. On a slightly related note, how wide did the skirts tend to be in the 1840s? I'm half tempted to do everything on the cross grain, and just use the 5 yard piece I have for the full skirt. Otherwise, I'll just do 3 panels of the plaid, but it's only 44" wide. I just feel like that might be too narrow.

One of the other stores in Philly had the most gorgeous teal/peacock green heavy silk satin, for an amazing $19 a yard. I'm half tempted to go back and get it, even though there's probably only 3 yards or so. It'd be enough for a long-sleeved 1650s bodice, at the very least. Maybe tomorrow. It really was an amazing color, even if I do prefer the bluer end of the teal range.

Time to pass out now. *running on about 2 hours of sleep*
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There's a Dickens Faire in two weeks in Clinton, which is about an hour's drive from me, and I'm thinking of going.

For my wallet's sake, I can't do anything new, but I can try and whip up the 1844 dress I'm planning. I picked up an extra 5 yards of the plaid last week, and I'll be going down to Philly on Tuesday, so I can see about getting more of the velvet then.

I didn't post about this before, but I'm also planning a bonnet, coat, and muff to semi-coordinate. This is the coat I'm planning to do, with an inverted color scheme. I have three or four yards of bright blue wool flannel that I want to use for the body, and I'm thinking maybe light blue velvet or satin for the trim. I'm going to pick up some quilted cotton for the lining, probably white. If I had more time I'd quilt it myself with a silk face and cotton batting, but I'll just have to live with the premade poly batting stuff. I might double-line the top of the sleeves with silk, just to make it easier to put on, but a number of plates show quilted linings for coats and capes, so mine will be visible as well.

I've started the buckram frame for the bonnet, but can't get any further till I dig out my millinery wire. I saw it recently, so it can't be too far down in the black hole known as my sewing room. I plan to make the bonnet blue as well, as I've seen in several fashion plates. I know I have a darker purple-blue silk floating around, but I might have something brighter as well.

I'm trying to decide if I want to make a lace cap as well. I don't technically need one, since I'm not married, but I like the look of it in the plate. Oh well, a decision for another day.

I have a pair of antique fur muffs packed away somewhere, one of which is fairly large. I'm pretty sure that's the one that needs to be relined though, so I'll have to do that as well. Not that it'll take long, it's just a tube. I don't remember what color it is though. I know the smaller one is black, but I can only fit one hand in it at a time, so it wouldn't be very useful for me.

Before I get any further, though, I need to make up petticoats for this.

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I've been doing more poking around and finally found an 1840s plate I really like. And here's what I've decided on.

I'm definitely liking the plaid dress on the right, and since it's a November 1844 plate, it'll be a great starting point for the Poe event in January. I've even got fabric that'll work for it, sort of. I think the pink really makes it, don't you? I say sort of, because I only have three yards of the plaid, and I'll probably want another three to four, since it's only 45". I'll have to stop in before my class Tuesday to see if they have anymore, because it's been almost a year since I bought it. I'll also need more of the velvet, but that'll have to wait until I know if I can get more of the silk. Plus it's from Philly, which is the opposite direction, and requires driving down there.

But first things first, this outfit needs a whole new set of undies. I'm quite tempted to just use my 1870s corset, rather than make a new one, so for now I'll just start on all the petticoats I'll need.
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Has anyone heard of this movie? Or was it's title prophetic?

Anyway, I caught all but the first twenty minutes of it a couple weeks ago, and it's been rolling around in my head since. It's set in the Russian countryside and it stars Kirsten Dunst as a princess.

Though I believe it claims to be 1839, the sleeves and necklines look more 1840s to me. There were two dresses there that I really like, though I'm pretty sure they aren't entirely accurate. There's a blue satin dress and a blue striped dress. There's also a pink and white seersucker dress, but I'm not as sure about it.

And the reason I brought this up is this coming January is the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birth. Is anyone else thinking of going? There's 4 days of stuff in January to pick from.


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