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With my dress 99% done, and only a buttonhole left to be made, I started on my pelisse today. I'm basing it on the striped redingote in the KCI collection. The bodice is all assembled now, and I need to dig out some scrap silk to line the sleeves so I can put those in tonight, then probably tomorrow I'll put the skirts on.


And because that's not all I did, have a couple bonnet pictures under the cut )
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Hello everyone, my name is Adrienne, and I'm addicted to tiaras. Now I'm gonna go put one of them on and do the last bit of finishing on my gold 1790s robe so it closes properly rather than pinning it shut.
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The Challenge: #1: Bi/Tri/Quadri/Quin/Sex/Septi/Octo/Nona/Centennial – due 14 Jan. Sew something from __13, whether it be 1913, 1613, or 13BC
Fabric: cotton velvet outer, silk taffeta lining, stiffened felt interfacing for the ha
Pattern: hat: Lynn McMasters' Late Edwardian Early Teens small hat and toqu C. 1909-1916 pattern, purse drafted by myself based on a purse in the Met's collection.
Year: 1913
Notions: thread 18 gauge wire in the hat interfacing, glass & metal beads on the purse (added post-photo)
How historically accurate is it? Apart from using the stiffened felt interfacing rather than buckram I consider the hat as accurate as possible, the purse I consider a reasonable blend of documented processes, materials, and patterning, and is as closely copied from the original as I could, given that the original was entirely beaded all over, and I chose to use velvet and beaded tassels for trim instead.
Hours to complete: 8-10 hours total for both
First worn: I had planned to wear this on the 26th, but the event was postponed
Total cost: The velvet, taffeta, and glass beads were stash, the rest was about $15

The Challenge: #2: UFO - due Jan 28. Let’s get something off our UFO pile! Use this opportunity to finish off something that’s never quite gotten done, or stalled halfway through.
Fabric: silk dupioni, blue and silver for the first version, rust/copper for the second, finished version.
Pattern: self-drafted from a reticule originally posted on antique-textiles.net, though the page has been taken down since.
Year: 1790-1800
Notions: thread, fusible interfacing, ribbon, gold cord, self-covered botton
How historically accurate is it? I used a fusible interfacing to stiffen the outer silk petals, and it's partially machine sewn. I made the outer petals the way I assume the original had been, based on the photos, and the inner bag is self-lined and constructed as a long tube with the top fold forming the casing for the ribbon, and the bottom edges where turned in and cartridge pleated for shape the bottom.
Hours to complete: the longest part was hand-stitching the gold cord down, so probably 10 hours or so.
First worn: this coming Saturday, hopefully.
Total cost: all stash.


Jun. 20th, 2012 08:49 pm
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Finally posted my Dress U pics! It's a combination of my own and ones stolen from others.

I don't have pictures of Friday night and Saturday day for myself, but I did get the rest, so here's the quick list of what I wore:

Saturday Night Titanic Dinner )

Sunday Day: Let Them Eat Crepes & Mad Tea Party )

Sunday Evening: Tiaras and Jampagne )

And that's Dress U for me!
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I'm really happy with how my Titanic dinner gown is coming along. It looks awesome already, so I've got high hopes for getting pretty close to done tomorrow. \o/

When I first started planning this outfit I'd thought about doing a bandeau for my hair, but then I remembered something I've been in love with for ages. In the Priscilla Bead Work Book, scanned and posted by the Antique Pattern Library there's a Juliet cap made with pearls of various sizes. I didn't have pearls, but I had a ton of seed beads in a lovely bronze color, and with the addition of some faceted beads of varying sizes, I made a Juliet cap for myself.

a couple more pictures )


May. 20th, 2012 07:10 pm
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taking a short break from the green gown, I put some thought to what I want for the Gibson girl pool party, and I think I'm going to go with more of an early teens day gown, something like this dress though with a red and white color scheme instead. (and trim rather than embroidery, with time constraints) And I picked up a red hat earlier that with some basic alterations should work quite well~


May. 18th, 2012 05:34 pm
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I decided a couple days ago, rather than killing myself trying to make the copper and blue gown, and a Titanic gown as well in just about two weeks, I dug through the stash (though not really because it was on the top of the pile) and pulled out my green striped natural form outfit.

The underskirt and overskirt were already mostly done. I just had to finish the waistbands of both and tack down the overskirt's pleats, which I've done, and hem the underskirt, which I haven't yet. I have bound the hem though, so I just need to turn it up now. The bodice was also about half done. I'd pieced the back, the sleeves, and the collar already, and pinned the flatlining to the front, so I basted the fronts, sewed the darts, and on it went to the back. I haven't set the sleeves in yet because they aren't lined yet, and the collar will get sewn on when I do the neckline. I'm not really doing much in the way of trim for this outfit, since the fabric is already so loud. I think just gold buttons down the front, and I'm toying with using some gold piping I have along the neckline and bottom of the bodice. I'm still deciding on that.

Anyway, the whole point of this gown when I started it last year was to go with the metallic green leather hat I bought from The Blonde Swan last year at Costume Con. So that means once I finish sewing I'll be set for the Mad Hatter tea party~

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but I did take pictures of what I picked up in NYC today~

The main focus of the day was getting fabric for Mom's dress for the Titanic dinner. She's going with this Liberty of London gown from the Met. She decided to go with a nice light sage green for the color, and we found some lovely silk charmeuse for it.

As for me, I picked up a wild purple and blue dupioni. I'm thinking of a combination of this and this for it. I don't know when I'm going to do it, but probably not for Dress U.

On the other hand, I did pick up fabric for something I am going to do for Dress U. I got this striped blue and copper silk a few months ago, but there was only three and a half yards, so it got binned while I contemplated what to do with it. I finally decided what to do for the Mad Hatter tea party, so I grabbed the solid copper silk today for my idea. The color match really is a lot better than it looks in this picture. So anyway, what I want to do is basically this gown with some slight differences, make it a bit steampunkish. I'm only going to do one tier on the skirt, so it'll be knee length instead, and the bodice/collar might be a bit different as well. I'll figure that out when I actually start working on it. And this also means I'll need to make myself a short bustle, as I only have my long lobstertail bustle and the 1872 hooped bustle from Corsets and Crinolines.

And lastly, we hit a couple of the stores in the wholesale district to pick up some jewelry. I grabbed a couple nice choker sets, as well as some hair pins, and lastly an adorable pair of fascinators. The one looks kind of blue in this picture, but it's actually bright purple.

And that was today \o/
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Is it wrong to plan an outfit around a certain type of hat? More specifically, this type of hat?

It's big and over the top and at the same time simple. I love it. I might even attempt to do it in straw if I have enough narrow braid to do it.

I'll probably go for either a zone front like Hilary Swank is wearing with it, or perhaps some type of round gown. I'm still deciding. It depends on what the stash says to me.
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So I ran out to AC Moore earlier to pick up some hat boxes. They're 50% off right now, btw~~ the large ones fit everything but my big straw and wool felt hats from Williamsburg, so those will have to go in a plastic tote or something, I suppose. I also labeled them all so I'll know exactly what is in each box xD

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May. 18th, 2011 11:04 pm
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CADD is hitting and it's hitting hard. It tends to come when I'm past the halfway point of a project, and all I want is to play with the next pretty thing. I think the only reason why I haven't started working on my blue striped summer bustle is the fact that I haven't unpacked my 1872 bustled crinoline yet, and I need to actually measure out the skirt lengths, because I'm not doing a train for this dress. And by no train I mean I'm probably going to do just a sweep, about 4" long in the back. I just need to see by how much I need to shorten my 7-gore pattern side back and back pieces, because I drafted it for about the 16" train as seen in my icon. (Yes I realize I could just cut the back 12" shorter. But I want to double check.)

I also want to make a nicer petticoat than the plain white one I wore at CosCon. I have a few yards of eyelet, so I'll probably use that. I think I'm going to do a yoke for that to keep the very top of the bustle smooth.

But I think most of all I'm in an accessories mood. I just dug through a bag of vintage gloves I have and pulled out four pairs that fit me. One pair is white fabric, two pairs are kid leather, one white and one pink, and a lovely suede pair that are burgundy. I'm also really itching to make some more hats. IDK, they're just so much fun. I've got a blue straw hat I picked up a while back from Goodwill that I'm going to use to make a little topper hat to go with my summer bustle. And even though I don't really have anything to wear with it I'm in the mood to make a ridiculously large hat, either something like the giant purple hat Kate Winslet wore in her first scene in Titanic, or a large high-crowned 1780s hat. We'll see, I suppose~

:D :D

May. 12th, 2011 08:54 pm
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My tiara came today~ I've been wearing it pretty much the entire time since it was delivered, and [livejournal.com profile] gwenevereofisis has been laughing at me. She's so mean. :c But I took a crappy cameraphone pic! :D I was lazy and didn't re-part my hair, so the tiara really is centered, it just doesn't look it. xD

It has plastic combs on the ends, which I'm a bit disappointed about because the picture didn't look like they had them. But I figure I'll very carefully break them off, because they're riveted on. And then I think I'm going to wrap the plain parts of the tiara with black ribbon, which will cover the rivets and any potential rough spots, and I'll also be able to add loops for pinning.

I also worked on my stripy dress some more last night~ I put together the back of the bodice, and I'm so happy with how the stripes came out.

another pic! )

And for a final bit of productiveness today, I spraypainted an antique parasol frame so I can recover it. This will actually be the second time I'm recovering this parasol since I bought it, but the first time it was bright red because it was for a theatre production. This time I've painted the frame nutmeg, and I plan to do a black canopy with an antique gold lining. I want it to work with as many outfits as possible, and that seems like a good color combination.
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I couldn't help it. With everyone else talking about their pretty pretty tiaras I just had to look myself. And when I found a super pretty one then I just had to get it. It was fate, I tell you. >_>

This shop, Venus Jewelry, had some absolutely beautiful other pieces as well, so it was hard to choose. But by next week, I'll be ready to be a pretty pretty princess too!

No new pictures of my green dress (which needs a fun name still) because I haven't done anything besides redraft my fantail skirt pattern slightly.


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