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Okay, a quick recap of the year, since there was actual sewing! I'll admit right here and now that most of the pictures are nabbed from others, and if I remember who took it I've credited. But anyway!

my year of sewing )

And that is 2012 for me!


Jun. 20th, 2012 08:49 pm
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Finally posted my Dress U pics! It's a combination of my own and ones stolen from others.

I don't have pictures of Friday night and Saturday day for myself, but I did get the rest, so here's the quick list of what I wore:

Saturday Night Titanic Dinner )

Sunday Day: Let Them Eat Crepes & Mad Tea Party )

Sunday Evening: Tiaras and Jampagne )

And that's Dress U for me!
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My plaid silk arrived yesterday, and my pink and gold damask arrived today!!! I'm resisting the urge to start working with then until after this weekend, and it's very very hard. :<

I can't wait to start working on my mantua. I think I'm a bit too excited about it. >_> I'm also thinking of entering it in the historical masquerade at Costume Con. That decision isn't final yet, though.

For those of you that have done the masquerades at Costume Cons in the past- what did you do on stage for the show itself? And how detailed and technical (and long) was your documentation?


Feb. 5th, 2011 12:52 am
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So there just might be 13 yards of a lovely pink and cream plaid silk shantung making it's way to me. Perhaps.

And should this fabric potentially show up in my mailbox, it just might find itself being made into something like this. And possibly a second bodice like this, so it can go for either day or evening wear. Since there is so much yardage that might be coming.

But that all depends on if this fabric is coming or not, of course.


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