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Oct. 17th, 2017 11:29 pm
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I'm getting into the mid-semester OH GOD EVERYTHING IS DUE AT ONCE. Tonight I wrote out my schedule of work I need to do in the next week and a half...and shut all my books (nope nope nope) and took out my sewing.

Finally finished that damn short hoop, thanks to the bolt cutters borrowed from [personal profile] hiraimi  to cut the boning! Managed to cut the bottom steels too long and totally ripped the fabric while trying to wedge them in. Ooops? Ghetto-tastic mending with giant stitches were then in order. If it doesn't explode, I don't care what it looks like! The front of the hoop is maybe a leeeeettle wonky-shaped, but I don't think it's very obvious when there's a skirt over it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, anyway.

And then I leveled the top of the short petticoat and am currently sewing the waistband on, which I am determined to finish before bed. The hoop itself is probably a couple of inches shorter than it could be, but it's kind of hard to judge the length of a hoop til it's done, so oh well! Petticoat can fudge the length a little bit since it's got a flounce. And...this hoop is possibly the dumbest looking thing I've made in a while. It looks like a deranged flying saucer. xD


Oct. 17th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Finishing the rainbow painting took about fifteen minutes. Very nice!

And all of the machine work on the rain cloud skirt is done. I didn't plan on that, but that's good!

Now I'm sitting down for the first time in three hours. I'm even going to eat...

tonight's progress

Oct. 17th, 2017 10:59 pm
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well I was making fairly good progress till I was ironing waiting for Rob to get back from the store and get a txt "I think the car is smoking"......great....it appears that something is blowing a large amount of steam out. And did I mention we're currently a one car family as the breaks in my car are suddenly massively less sensitive...so yeah. I begged a ride to work tomorrow morning...I HOPE the car is fixable tomorrow or I won't be able to get home. how we afford a repair remains to be seen. I am SO OVER being broke.

I did manage to get 26 seams trimmed, pressed and ready to be frenched. *sigh*

Well, I was having a good day.

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:46 pm
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It was chilly today, but I’m not even thinking about turning on the heat yet. That would spoil the fun.

The kitties had the zoomies this morning, I don’t know what was going on, but they were zipping all over the place for a couple of hours this morning. Then everyone had to fight over who had the best sleeping spot and kick each other out of their spots and go find another warm spot to nap. I was working at my little computer desk and at one point Brutus came over, sat down next to me, poked me with a paw and made the most adorable little pleading meow comment. So yeah, I moved over to the comfy chair and pulled a fluffy blanket over me to make him a lap. They’ve got me trained.

It wasn’t long before I had all three cats draped across me. Which was really nice on a chilly day. And the best part was, I’m pretty much caught up on my sleep, because I wasn’t even tempted to take a nap. I kept on working. It was actually a rather warm, comfortable, productive afternoon. (Someday I’ll head back into the office, but it wasn’t today….).

And then I made the mistake of reading memo-list. I’ve mentioned before that we have a company wide mailing list, where folks talk about everything from company policies to IT industry gossip to whatever is on their minds. Someone made a post that it was ADHD awareness month, talking about their symptoms. And at least three or four people chimed in thanking the person for the post and mentioning their own or family member’s experiences with ADHD.

Thanks for sharing, one of my kids was recently diagnosed ADHD...

Thanks for this message, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child…

Great post - I didn't realize that it was ADHD awareness month. I was finally diagnosed with ADHD when I was 45.

Thanks for this message--recently diagnosed…

And then some asshat had to chime in with a really long, rambling, badly written post. Some choice bits below:

I don't classify adhd (and even some doctors and similar professions) as a disease. It's the same disease as alcoholism(don't get offended, ok?, even my mom died of it), smoking addiction, sugar addiction, obesity, procrastination, etc. These people just drink, smoke, eat, and don't care and does not give a damn about implications.

Even if I 'fail' to resist any of my urges, it's me who *decided* it. I don't need expensive pills to control my iresponsibility or medical excuse for it.

sorry. I just did my bit in fake illness awareness month. 

Ugh, I of course had to reply, because wow, to quote someone else who replied to this idiot, “This is not only factually incorrect, but actively malicious.”

I wrote And here we have another classic example of "This issue doesn't affect me, therefore it doesn't exist."

I wasn’t the only one who took issue with this jerk. There was a rather lively back and forth as people called him out on his bullshit, and he tried to defend himself/double down on his asshattery. Although by the end, we might have educated him a little bit. But only a little bit.

Possibly the worst thing he said?

If you don't ask for help, usually you don't need it. 

Which is just full of all sorts of white male privilege. Which he’s been called out for. But seriously dude, do you really think that just because these things aren’t a problem for you, that everyone else is exactly like you?

I finally walked away from the thread and did some more work. Then I watched (as I mentioned) the last two episodes of Still Star Crossed. Just because I needed something else in my brain for a bit.

Still Star Crossed

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:27 pm
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Finished off watching the last episode of Still Star Crossed on the DVR. And there was, of course, a cliffhanger season finale. For a show that's been cancelled. Which means I'll never know what happened next.

So of course I thought "I want to maybe write some fanfiction about this some day." And I went and rescued all of the episodes that I'd deleted from the garbage on my DVR. because I'm pretty sure there won't be a DVD for this one.

And I just checked AO3. There are already 150 fics posted for Still Star Crossed. Of course, most of them will probably be crap (second on the list includes werewolves *eyeroll*), but I can hope that a few might have been written by someone with some passing familiarity with Shakespeare.


Oct. 17th, 2017 01:59 pm
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I just realized that I'm pretty happy right now.

I'm well rested, well fed, and well loved.

There's been so much upheaval in my life (and the world) lately that I just felt like it was worth noting that today is a good day. And I'm happy.

Rainbow train!

Oct. 16th, 2017 08:57 pm
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After a comedy of errors that included a hairball, dripping paint, finding the paint didn't run so resist was unnecessary, and being thankful the paint wiped off the floor easily, and starting over, the rainbow panel for the back overskirt train drapey thing for the rain cloud dress is half done. Once I stopped fumbling around, this only took about half an hour, I think, but I was Done. So hopefully the other half tomorrow...

And bonus Koshka :)
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I cut out the skirt pieces for the alphabet dress yesterday. All 52 of them. Which are getting sewn together with french seams. So 104 seams total. or something like that. Possible I mis-mathed. I'm tired.


(I'm greatly amused that it looks like I'm about to make a hoop skirt out of fabric scraps...or neck ties...)

I decided the best way to sew them together was going to be in pairs, then I'd sew the pairs together, etc etc. somehow that made sense. Last night before I left the sewing room I got all 26 initial pairs pinned together.

Then today was my long 12 hour day with the really difficult doctor. oh and did I mention we're currently short a nurse? But my resolution it to sew a tiny amount every day till Gettysburg...I told myself I had to sew 5 seams today. That was all...

I sewed 26! then got four of them ironed, trimmed and pinned for french seams before my shoulder was angry.

I'm either actually inspired by this dress, need stress relief from work, or am panicked about the deadline....

(no subject)

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:06 pm
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My Grandmother is officially able to pull herself out of bed and go to the bathroom without help, as of today!!! This is a huge step towards her being able to come home, and I am SO EXCITED because she is miserable being stuck in a nursing home. Hooray for progress! Meanwhile, Jenny has been giving the house a thorough cleaning, and Glenn has been doing some small home improvement tasks. So far, he's fixed a broken toilet, figured out how to get hot water in the little bathroom's shower, and put in a new mailbox. It should be all done up and welcoming by the time she gets home. :)

Everything else around here is still pretty much status quo. I'm still entertaining/chauffeuring Jenny and am exhausted by it, but there's only a week left, so - light at the end of the tunnel! Also, still applying for jobs and getting no positive results. But, I've started in on business analyst positions, so I think I should get some hits from that. I mean, I have eight years of BA experience, so that should put me in the running - especially with the healthcare industry jobs I applied for, since I've been in healthcare almost exclusively for twenty years!

I'm still plugging away at my Rhinebeck sweater. I started the sleeves this evening, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish in time. It would really need to be done by around Thursday evening, so I'd have time to block it, and I have volunteering at Plimoth tomorrow, and at least one Jenny day this week, so. . . We'll see! I also really need to work on my Rosie costume, and tried to this afternoon, but I felt discouraged by what I know is going to be a depressing fitting. Pants are just not a good idea for me these days, and I'm better off with a dress that fits the bust and then flows away. I'm just going to have to suck it up and power through it. At least I picked a dark color. . .

I know I haven't mentioned it lately, but I am still absolutely longing to be back in Scotland. I think about it literally every day, all throughout the day. I thought after a while it would start to fade, but I just really feel like I belong there, like it's where I need to be. Every time I see some picture or hear a story of it, I just feel totally heartsick. It's such an impossible dream, because Glenn will never go, but one can't help what the heart chooses to fall in love with, after all. *sigh*

I should really write something

Oct. 16th, 2017 09:51 pm
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I should really write something. I've got a lot of stuff I want to write so I don't forget it. So many posts I've got in my head that need to get down on paper.

But I'm not really in the mood to write right now.

Gah! I hope this mood passes before NaNo starts. =P

Nothing done...

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:46 pm
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But Twila and I went to faire!


Then I graded papers and now I have no energy. But we had a great time and I loved having another chance to wear my beetle wing Game of Thrones dress. And of course I had to get a picture on the giant roadrunner. Close enough to the House Caron nightengale sigil :)

WC market fair

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:37 pm
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(And I didn't have to illegitimately call out of work this year, even!)

Overall assessment: fun time, weather could have been nicer but wasn't horrible either, bedgowns were appropriately ugly and caps were appropriately derpy. [personal profile] robinsnest  did proper writeups of the afternoon and the dance, which saves me from having to devote the time and energy to them! Which is nice of her, since I had to spend pretty much all of my free time today doing the homework I didn't do yesterday because I was out playing!
four women sitting at the edge of a river
(Purloined photo from the Washington's Crossing FB page...we spent a fair amount of time sitting on that wall overlooking the river, swigging apple cider, getting covered with ants, and trying not to let Alice's yarn balls escape over the edge of the 15-ft drop. Good spot!)

I'll try and do a (ahem) formal blog post on the very exciting bedgown ensemble this week but I make no promises!

Lazy Sunday

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:59 pm
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I was pretty much a lazy slug today. I rolled out of bed too late to catch the start of CBS Sunday Morning, but that's the lovely thing about having a DVR, I could just turn it on and watch what I'd missed. I watched that, and then Face the Nation. And then, since I had kitties who wanted to hang out with me (and I didn't feel much like working) I worked on clearing off the DVR. I had gotten caught up on Face the Nation during the week (because watching news shows that are more than a week or two old is a bit weird), but I still had several weeks' worth of CBS Sunday Morning on the DVR, so I got caught up on that show.

Then I watched a couple of episodes of Star Crossed. Which has already been cancelled, which is a shame, because I'm kinda liking it for the trashy faux-Shakespearean soap that it is. (It's from Shonda Rhimes, who gave us Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.) If nothing else, the visuals are stunning. Well, not necessarily the clothes, which are a mish mash of wonderful (especially the princess) and OMG what were they thinking? But the actors are all pretty. And there are all these swoopy overhead computer generated shots of Verona. And I don't know where they filmed it, but it looks like on location somewhere in Italy and not on a soundstage. Because the buildings are gorgeous (and when was the last time you watched a TV show for the architecture?!?!).

More Captain Awkward Quotes

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:51 pm
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More quotes from Captain Awkward

The Catholic church does frown on divorce but the Catholic church also doesn’t have to hang out with this dude day in and day out and you do.


You don’t have to keep getting smaller to try and make him look bigger and more impressive than he actually is.


And yes, family ties are strong and powerful and can withstand a lot of ups and downs, but I think we need to push back on the idea that they are unconditional. People who are routinely mean and inconsiderate to you and others should expect some consequences to the relationship even if y’all are faaaaaaaaaamily. You don’t have to forgive or welcome in people who treat you badly and you especially don’t have to do it when they neither apologize nor change the bad behaviors. You don’t have to give them chance after chance to disappoint and abuse you.

Light a match, throw it, and run.

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:49 pm
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Via Captain Awkward some excellent advice from Dear Dana about how to get over a breakup.

In order to completely change your life, to leave the person you love and set out anew, you have to basically take a portion of your life and set it on fire. You have to metaphorically burn it down to prevent yourself from going back. Some people may be well-versed in the art of breaking up with a long-term partner and still staying friends, but I think only 10% of the population can pull that shit off. The rest of us light a match, throw it, and run.

Your misery is understandable, and so temporary that in a few more months, a few more years, you will hardly remember it. In order to break free of that situation which was not right for you, you had to make yourself uncomfortable. This pain you are feeling is real, but it is also temporary. It’s not punishment—it’s growth.

Washington's Crossing Part 2.

Oct. 15th, 2017 05:15 pm
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When last we left off our Cinderella's were headed off to to [personal profile] miss_philomena 's aunt's house to change for the country dance.


pre- changing. obvs. SaveSave

We stopped for pizza. got to the house, let ourselves in (felt only mildly creeptastic) and proceeded to strip down to shifts. [personal profile] hiraimi stayed in her stays the whole time...as she's weird. Pizza consumed we started to get dressed. I re-wore my lavender anglaise but accidentally had super high hair. I didn't have a good plan, just piled on some rats and teased the front a bit, pinned it up and...SHIT THAT'S HUGE. WHOOPS! Oh well I rocked it.


fun fact I forgot to put mascara on...which looks SO WEIRD. I also used a white powder foundation base that [livejournal.com profile] jennylafleur gave me. And that takes some getting used to. I mean I'm fairly pale to begin with..buuuut. Still WEIRD. So glitzed out in our party clothes we went BACK to the park. They had lighted the way with lanterns and candles which is the easiest way to my heart.

(This woman in a lovely fitted jacket and quilted petticoat walked in and Alice leaned over and goes "she has little penises all over" and then I couldn't see ANYTHING ELSE)

We didn't really know what to expect as it was the first year, and the staff told us it was about half the size of what they were hoping for. And I agree it definitely has some room for growth. There was only one musician which it's quite as much fun, but the caller wasn't the worst we've met. Probably not my favorite, but I was able to follow along. Perk of lowish attendance (40ish people?) was that there was plenty of space and if I'd had the stamina I could easily have danced every dance.


People were friendly, and there were some nice outfits and some truly impressively bad outfits (and who doesn't like pondering why you have a snood AND a head doily).

I have started to tease out what I like best in a dance now that I've been to a few. My first choice is a period setting. I don't care how perfect the music, the costumes etc all are. You just are missing something when the atmosphere is..totally modern. Not that you can avoid it all the time. Obviously locations work with what they have, but if I tease out what gives me the most joy it's an immersive experience. Secondly I love dancing reels. So much more woosh and fun. That said I had a wonderful time and I feel I 100% got the value of my $17. I would consider going next year, if friend's were going or they continued to grow it.


The dance ended with a Virginia Reel (referred to by some other name but we'd talked to the caller earlier and she said yes we'd do that one and asked how we knew it) I felt hella proud that our set of six couples were able to do the dance pretty much without instruction as the OTHER set was a hot mess and she was over there walking them through it. I CAN LEARN STUFF! Virginia Reel is hands down my fav.

When it was all over we piled into the parking lot to strip down to indecent levels to drive home.


If you're massively bored and want to see all my photos here's the link. Now back to cutting alphabet wedges.


Lets do this old school style

Oct. 15th, 2017 02:11 pm
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Who's feeling an old school proper event write up? I'm feeling chatting and not like getting off my bum to go cut skirt pieces for the Alphabet Dress.

Yesterday was the Washington's Crossing Market Fair and in the evening the colonial dance. First year on the dance, but we'll get to that later. The market went 12-4 but as we knew we'd be hanging out later for the dance we aimed for noon. [personal profile] hirami nicely picked me up so Rob could have the car and we made it there at 12:07! Which for us is basically on time. I drove up in my bloomers, stockings, shift with bra OVER it and captain america sweatshirt. It was a great look. We had intentionally decided to be peasants so I made a wildly unflattering and not-documentable-print short gown, hemmed a kerchief and borrowed petticoats from [personal profile] miss_philomena .

When we decided we wanted to go as peasants [personal profile] mandie_rw started making all the derpy peasant caps she had patterns for...and I have to say I think I called dibbs on the derpiest! That said it hides your double chin magnificently!

Parking lot changing complete we loaded baskets and started wandering around looking for a place to eat our picnic lunches. Last year they'd set up table so we took for granted they would have them again this year. They didn't. But then we bumped into one of the ladies who works for the park and she directed us to an empty room in one of the historic buildings. I'm fairly certain she mistook us for reenactors or volunteers? either way WE'LL TAKE IT. Did end up feeling like we were a display. No sorry I can't tell you what the building was. Yes they did eat lunch in the 18th century.

I mean how can you blame her? we looked so much like we belonged ;-) One vendor was unable to grasp the concept that we're just a bunch of friend's from the internet. But what regiment are you with? But what group? THEN HOW DID YOU LEARN!? We had a good chuckle.

There were more vendors than last year which was nice to see. Sadly they weren't vendors I wanted or needed to shop at. The same sutlers as last year, the things that were new were kitchy home goods type things. Which is good for the fair I'm sure, as it was VERY well attended by the public. And I want the park to thrive so I don't begrudge them that at all. Just meant I spent less money. There was a new historic vendor selling beautiful box looms, but sadly not in my budget.

After shopping we played graces which is apparently our new WC tradition. We...should practice more. But had a ton of fun.

[personal profile] miss_philomena was recruited to "Molly Pitcher" aka haul stuff. I thought they'd include her in the demo but apparently the male soldiers walk too fast and spill.
SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveThey did cannon demo that made me jump seven feet in the air. Every. Time. When I   knew it was even coming!    Apparently I'm just really jumpy as a person. (Rob could tell you that). We spent a while just sitting on the wall watching the delaware, while Alice knitted and Adrienne, Amanda and I chatted.  Then we spotted some other philly costumers I'd recently met on Instagram and wandered over to stand awkwardly and hope they'd talk to us. They did and were very nice....Then we headed to Adrienne's Aunt's house to change and eat pizza before the dance...this got long as I'll do a separate post about that.

(no subject)

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:20 am
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Im doing a glucose curve on Guido today, which means staying really close to home. Yesterday i finished the petticoat i started last week (aside from ties) and while my measurements were a little off, i love it! The sides pull up a bit but not as badly as the non-hooped petticoat thats currently underneath it. I still really tjink i want to do the cotton gown first just for practice with tje new style, and i was just too lazy to get it out yesterday, but today... Brjng it on. I need to do a lot of ironing.

I was about to start wondering some design elements, like if i wanted to spend time on hand bound eyelets and immediately decided that yes i did. So, bring it on. Let the cotton sack gown begin!

State of the Squire

Oct. 14th, 2017 10:55 pm
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It’s my first free weekend off since the end of August and I feel fine. Wheee!!!!!!

I only slept until around 9:00 this morning. I honestly thought I’d sleep much later, but then again, I did have quite a few naps this week. So looks like I might be caught up on my sleep. Which makes sense, because I was feeling more like myself mentally by Thursday or Friday.

Which isn’t to say that I got fast start to the day. Oh noes. I loafed around in bed, Facebooking on my phone and petting anyone who came within arm’s reach. Then I moved out to the living room, had breakfast, and did some more Facebooking.

I did eventually bestir myself to get some work done in the afternoon. But I paced myself. I did about 20 minutes of light housework, followed by about 40 minutes of farting around, reading on the internet, or writing. I washed about half of my reenactment dishes, which was all I could fit in the drying rack and on the counter. And ran three loads of laundry. And picked up the house a bit. The two big kitties both got another brushing. And despite the fact that they both got a thorough brushing on Wednesday, I got a couple of tribbles worth of fur off them. Everyone got lots of cuddles, because I had the time to indulge them.

It was a lovely day. I plan to do it all over again tomorrow.

Boo. Errands.

Oct. 14th, 2017 06:15 pm
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The plan was to start the skirt for the rain cloud dress today, but then errands happened. Boo. Most likely, just collar embroidery tonight!

But, ren fair tomorrow! I'm wearing the beetle wing GoT dress. It will be fun :)


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