Oct. 15th, 2012 06:35 pm
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The PA Renn Faire yesterday was a lot of fun. I was feeling rather yucky in the morning, a growing migraine and some nausea to go with it, but I ignored that and went anyway, and I'm glad I did. By the time I got to the faire after the two hour drive I was feeling fine anyway. I'd never been to the faire before and it was huge. Lots of walking up and down hills, which actually reminded me of bing in Germany last summer, and all the walking tours I did there. And speaking of Germany, I was the token German of the group, and I even had the award to prove it. I got several comments on it from random people, cast members and faire visitors alike. I need to steal pictures from other people, still.

Now, as for my next project, I'm intending to make a new pair of stays for next Thursday. Pennsbury Manor has Harvest Days, which means too many school groups coming through, and I'll be demonstrating Dorset buttons for them. Can I make stays in nine days? I'm feeling hopeful, but I still need to figure out some type of boning too. Tonight's plan is to draft up the 1680s stays from Corsets and Crinolines.


Nov. 28th, 2010 01:42 am
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I really don't like handsewing, and yet today I did almost the entire skirt by hand. I made the decision to put a guard on the skirt after all. So now there's a 5" green velvet guard on the bottom, and a slightly shorter antique rose linen guard on the inside of the skirt to act as a hem/seam guard for the inside, because I cut the skirt about 4" long. I want it to pool a bit. :3 I've done as much as I can on the skirt until I make the bodice and know exactly how long the waist will be.

I did a muslin for the bodice yesterday, and altered the pattern a bit, but before I cut the silk I want to do one more mockup, this time with sleeves. Pictures tomorrow, maybe?
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Look at that, I really am back! I'm going to a Yule event on the 11th, and while I do already have a lovely pink linen gown made, I want something fancier for this. While the first plan was the red gown on the left here, I couldn't find enough of the right color taffeta, but I did find a lovely pink silk instead. So hey, I decided why not have a bit of fun and make the completely out there dress in this portrait.

I have a yard of green cotton velvet, which should be enough for all the trimming on the bodice, but I don't think I'll have enough for skirt guards unless they're narrow. And I don't know if I have enough time to run down to Philly and pick more up before the event either.

Not for a bit of technical talk. I've been poking around and looking at a lot of other costumers and their versions of this style of gown. And on most of them I've noticed gapping, either below the brustfleck/plastron, where the lacing doesn't start high enough or tight enough, or above there, where there is perhaps extra fabric at the armhole. I did notice in this painting, with detail that there's the almost sheer hemd, with what could be a second, opaque helm, possibly much shorter, since it's only visible under the bodice, so I'm going to play with that idea. We'll see how exactly things turn out once I get into fitting and sewing and all that.

Now to get back to patterning....
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I tried everything on earlier and it's all looking fabulous, but I didn't feel like taking pictures. I've got the bodice lining cut out, and I'll do the plaid next. And when it's light out tomorrow I'll go outside and tear the strips for the velvet bands on the skirt. I'd rather keep all that fuzz outside.

I've also started covering the bonnet as well. I'm using a brown cotton velveteen for the outer fabric. I've got the crown cut, gathered and pinned on. I'll baste it down and then put on the brim. I'm leaning towards using blue ribbons for trim to match the blue stripes on the silk. We'll see what I like when I go up to M&J.

On a completely different note, I'm toying with the idea of switching out the Watteau bustle gown for my teal Venetian for Costume Con. I'll decide that once I finish everything for Poe.

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Alright, I didn't do a lot in 2008, but I also didn't start anything until September. I did knock out two complete outfits in under a week each, though, so that has to count for something.

September, 2008: The Red Stripy Bustle
While I'd had the undies sewn for a while, the dress itself I did in three days. I wanted something bright for Saloncon, and this definitely qualifies.

December, 2008: Revolution in a Week
Basically, the only parts of this I didn't make in a one week rush were my shoes, stockings, and hat blank. Upon extended wearing I've decided the front of my half-boned stays need to be recut, because currently they're a bit too short and wide across the bust. But that's for later.

And for 2009, I have quite the list.

I have ideas for a few more things, and I need at least one Vampires, Villains and Vixens outfit, but this is most definitely enough for the first half of 2009.


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