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So, there was both good and bad when it came to Costume Con. But we talked enough about the bad while it happened that I don't really feel like revisiting it here. xD Instead I'll just say that seeing old friends and meeting new ones was awesome. So hello there new friends!

There weren't really any large, easily accessible mirrors, but windows at night work well~

And in the spirit of laziness, here's a nice neat little link to my pictures from the weekend. :3 CosCon pics

In the spirit of non-laziness I spent yesterday working on my next dress. I traced off TV's Hermione overskirt and 1880 dinner bodice, and drafted up a fantail underskirt pattern as well. I picked up some green striped taffeta back when I went on my ebay splurge in February, and while I'd originally planned to use it for an 18th century polonaise, I decided once I got it that I wanted it for something Victorian. I cut out the bodice and overskirt yesterday, but since most of the underskirt won't be visible, I'm going to cut it out of plain cotton first and only add the striped silk along the bottom. Once I have the overskirt sewn up (probably tomorrow) I'll be able to figure out just how high up the silk will need to go. Pictures of that once I start sewing~
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My plaid silk arrived yesterday, and my pink and gold damask arrived today!!! I'm resisting the urge to start working with then until after this weekend, and it's very very hard. :<

I can't wait to start working on my mantua. I think I'm a bit too excited about it. >_> I'm also thinking of entering it in the historical masquerade at Costume Con. That decision isn't final yet, though.

For those of you that have done the masquerades at Costume Cons in the past- what did you do on stage for the show itself? And how detailed and technical (and long) was your documentation?
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I tried everything on earlier and it's all looking fabulous, but I didn't feel like taking pictures. I've got the bodice lining cut out, and I'll do the plaid next. And when it's light out tomorrow I'll go outside and tear the strips for the velvet bands on the skirt. I'd rather keep all that fuzz outside.

I've also started covering the bonnet as well. I'm using a brown cotton velveteen for the outer fabric. I've got the crown cut, gathered and pinned on. I'll baste it down and then put on the brim. I'm leaning towards using blue ribbons for trim to match the blue stripes on the silk. We'll see what I like when I go up to M&J.

On a completely different note, I'm toying with the idea of switching out the Watteau bustle gown for my teal Venetian for Costume Con. I'll decide that once I finish everything for Poe.

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I keep bouncing back and forth about what I want to do for the Historical Masq at Costume Con. Two of the ideas are the same silhouette, just different colors and trims, but I'd have to buy the fabric for either. The third is a completely different time period, but I can use stash fabric for the main part of it. But the third idea isn't as unusal in terms of style.

I hate making decisions.


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:31 pm
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(Please excuse the messy sewing room)

And here it is with a couple of petticoats on the left, and with the dress fabric draped over it on the left. The bonnet frame is for my mom. I've wired and put the flannel on it, but I still need to bind the edges and cover it, obviously.

And on a different note, I've decided to jump in on the polonaise bandwagon. I fell in love with this polonaise in the Kyoto Costume Institute the very first time I saw it. To keep up with the theme I'm doing with my green 1869 villainess gown, I'm going to use a green and black stiped dupioni I have, and trim it with silver. Along with self trim I want to use some silver, so it'll be my Slytherin polonaise.

I think I'm going to take a break from the Poe dress tonight and start working on the black straw capote to go with my polonaise. I won't start working on the polonaise itself until I finish everything for the Poe event.

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Okay, this is an attempt to plan out what I want to do over the next three and a half months for Costume Con. Now, taking into account classes and a part-time job with my usual speed, I'm going to try for two outfits a month. Once I make a new pair of drawers and finish my fully boned stays, I won't need to factor in undies time. Anyway, here's a tentative schedule.

1840s dresses x2 for Poe
18th century fully boned stays
1780s Chemise à la Reine if I can, otherwise it'll get bumped back where it fits.

1872 Watteau Bustle Gown
1869 Villainess Gown, on the left

1660s Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont, Princess of Monaco for [livejournal.com profile] charlesii.
Secret Project for the Masq

1791 Purple Sari Pierrot Jacket and Skirt
1920s Print Silk Dress, adaptation
1957 dress

Of course, if I finish stuff faster than I plan (which I probably will), things will get bumped up. Unfortunately, my budget won't allow for the duchesse satin for the 1660s gown until March, but if I can, the April dresses will get bumped up sooner because I already have the fabric for all of them, leaving more time for the March dresses.

ETA: wow that's a lot of tags. XD

ETA2: I've put up an ij mirror account, but I'm not worried about needing it. It's there just in case. Feel free to friend it.


Jan. 5th, 2009 09:44 pm
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For those of you that have competed at Costume Con before- I've been toying with the idea of entering the Historical Masquerade, but I'm not quite sure what skill level I should enter as. I don't consider myself a Novice, because I've been sewing seriously for more than half my life, but apart from 4H ages ago, I've never entered or won any competitions. And does making and selling historical clothing for bjds make me a professional? Once I actually hit the break-even point and start making money doing it, it will constitute a large part of my income. (The problem with being self-employed: until I make money, I'm basically unemployed.) Does that mean I have to enter as a Master? That's a somewhat intimidating prospect.

If I do enter, I'm not sure if I'll use my [livejournal.com profile] charlesii gown or another idea I've been toying with. I'll probably decide within the next couple of weeks as I source fabric and stuff for a few outfits I'm hoping to have for CC.


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