May. 31st, 2012 06:59 pm
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Titanic dinner gown is done! \o/
Green stripy natural form gown is done! \o/
Everything else I'll be wearing has been pulled out and washed as necessarily! \o/
Costume jewelry has been located and collected! \o/
Tiara has been fixed up! \o/
Hair pieces have been stuffed into a giant bag! \o/
Accessories have (mostly) been collected! \o/

I need to:
-finish the kits for my class
-fix my lace fan (maybe)
-get all my shoes together

I'm going to do the first two tonight, and then pack everything tomorrow morning before I head out.

:D :D

May. 12th, 2011 08:54 pm
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My tiara came today~ I've been wearing it pretty much the entire time since it was delivered, and [ profile] gwenevereofisis has been laughing at me. She's so mean. :c But I took a crappy cameraphone pic! :D I was lazy and didn't re-part my hair, so the tiara really is centered, it just doesn't look it. xD

It has plastic combs on the ends, which I'm a bit disappointed about because the picture didn't look like they had them. But I figure I'll very carefully break them off, because they're riveted on. And then I think I'm going to wrap the plain parts of the tiara with black ribbon, which will cover the rivets and any potential rough spots, and I'll also be able to add loops for pinning.

I also worked on my stripy dress some more last night~ I put together the back of the bodice, and I'm so happy with how the stripes came out.

another pic! )

And for a final bit of productiveness today, I spraypainted an antique parasol frame so I can recover it. This will actually be the second time I'm recovering this parasol since I bought it, but the first time it was bright red because it was for a theatre production. This time I've painted the frame nutmeg, and I plan to do a black canopy with an antique gold lining. I want it to work with as many outfits as possible, and that seems like a good color combination.


May. 11th, 2011 10:15 pm
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so scrapbook isn't working with the or something? Not cool, LJ. Your force me to email my pictures to myself just so I can upload them here. 365 pics will have to wait until LJ decides to behave again.

But anyway, stripy natural form update! Okay technically it's not an update because I haven't done anything else, but I took a picture! :D It still needs hemming, but that shouldn't take too long. And then all I really need to do is the bodice! I still need to cut the flatlining for that before I can piece it. I'm flatlining the main body with the same green striped cotton I used for the underskirt, and I'm gonna bagline the sleeves with probably some white silk taffeta I have in my stash. And I'm still trying to decide exactly how I want to trim this. Because the silk itself is such a bold design, I think I might only do some ivory lace around the neckline and end of the sleeves. And I think I'm gonna do either ivory or gold buttons on the bodice too.

big pic )

Now, for a bit of planning~ I think the next thing I'm going to work on is a summer bustle gown a la the 1872 dress I posted the other day. I was originally thinking of some type of floral print like the original, but then I remembered I have a lovely blue striped cotton gauze in my stash. It always comes back to stripes, what can I say? So not only to I want a nice light summer gown, I want it for something specific. That being Belvidere's Victorian Days this September. Which also means I'll probably need a white or light colored corset, instead of my black one. >_> But I've got a pattern I already like, so I'd just need to make another one.

ETA: works so much better when I get the html right >_>;;
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I couldn't help it. With everyone else talking about their pretty pretty tiaras I just had to look myself. And when I found a super pretty one then I just had to get it. It was fate, I tell you. >_>

This shop, Venus Jewelry, had some absolutely beautiful other pieces as well, so it was hard to choose. But by next week, I'll be ready to be a pretty pretty princess too!

No new pictures of my green dress (which needs a fun name still) because I haven't done anything besides redraft my fantail skirt pattern slightly.


May. 5th, 2011 01:58 am
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I'll reply to comments tomorrow, but I just want to toss this up before I hit the pillow~ I did most of the Hermione overskirt this evening! I just need to go through and tack down the hems and facings and the pleats that aren't in a seam, but otherwise it's almost done~ :3 it just looks a little weird on my dress form because my petticoats are still in my suitcase, which is in my car. >_>

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So, there was both good and bad when it came to Costume Con. But we talked enough about the bad while it happened that I don't really feel like revisiting it here. xD Instead I'll just say that seeing old friends and meeting new ones was awesome. So hello there new friends!

There weren't really any large, easily accessible mirrors, but windows at night work well~

And in the spirit of laziness, here's a nice neat little link to my pictures from the weekend. :3 CosCon pics

In the spirit of non-laziness I spent yesterday working on my next dress. I traced off TV's Hermione overskirt and 1880 dinner bodice, and drafted up a fantail underskirt pattern as well. I picked up some green striped taffeta back when I went on my ebay splurge in February, and while I'd originally planned to use it for an 18th century polonaise, I decided once I got it that I wanted it for something Victorian. I cut out the bodice and overskirt yesterday, but since most of the underskirt won't be visible, I'm going to cut it out of plain cotton first and only add the striped silk along the bottom. Once I have the overskirt sewn up (probably tomorrow) I'll be able to figure out just how high up the silk will need to go. Pictures of that once I start sewing~


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